Tire Storage in the Denver Metro Area

Using winter tires is a smart and safe choice, but it can be a hassle. Tires are dirty, heavy and cumbersome. You have better things to do than haul tires to and from the shop.

You don’t bring your old oil home when you get it changed. Seasonal Tire Storage makes changing your tires as easy as changing your oil.

We’ll pick-up the tires you’re not using at the moment, store them properly and deliver them to your tire shop at swap time. Order Seasonal Tire Storage today and “Never touch your tires again.”

Jane, Aurora:“I live in an apartment, there is no way I’m using my space for tires! I am glad you’re here!”

Ashley, New Bedford:“My daughter lives in a dorm. If it weren’t for Seasonal Tire Storage we couldn’t keep using winter tires on her SUV!”

Carl, Boulder: “I have room for tires, but I don’t have the time to mess with this pain in the rear job! Someone should’ve done this long ago!”

Marge, Denver: “My husband’s health won’t let him lift anymore and besides, I never liked him putting dirty tires in my nice car anyway.”


Pick-up & Delivery Included

Only $19.95 per month

 Multi-set Discounts – Insured

Secured – Monitored – Guaranteed

Family Owned – Since 2010

“Never touch your tires again!”


In a nutshell…  how does it work?

A. Order pick-up online and we’ll pick-up from wherever you like. Then we document, shelve, email your bill, and store your tires securely until further notice.

B. Next season: Order delivery online and we’ll deliver wherever you like the day before your appointment. We pick-up the day after your appointment, document, shelve, email your bill, and store your tires securely until further notice.

C. Repeat

How much advance notice do you need to pick-up tires at my favorite shop?

None! We work with your tire store to lift tire burdens from you immediately. We do need some hours to coordinate convenient home deliveries for you

How much notice do you need for re-delivery?

One full business day of advance notice in season and three days out of season

What happens if my tires are lost?

If we lose them, we replace them, guaranteed

What happens if my tires get damaged?

We repair or replace them at our expense

How much is the service?

Only $19.95 per month since 2010 including Delivery and Pick-up each season. We offer several ways to pay, and provide multi-set discounts.

How long am I obligated to Tirestorage.com & Delivery?

You are only obligated to pay for the month of storage you are currently in. There are no long term commitments required and if you pre-pay for your own convenience, unused fees are fully refundable.

How can I pay?

We offer Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and we accept checks. We also offer auto-pay options. We’re not prepared to accept cash.

Which tire professionals do you work with?

Nearly all the active & current tire pros work with us, but you might occasionally encounter someone who isn’t familiar with us.

What are the common dates for Seasonal Tire Swaps?

Mother’s Day in the Spring and November in the Fall (4-15 to 6-1) or (11-1 to 12-15)

Can I order the service from you?

Yes! Simply order service here  We pick-up tires anywhere in Denver Metro

Does Seasonal Tire Storage sell or install tires?

No. We’re tire pick-up, delivery, and proper storage logistics experts. We don’t compete with the experts who meet your tire sales and service needs.

Who is the lady in your logo?

She’s a lovely professional model and dear friend of our founder’s son. She did a great job illustrating how overwhelming tire tasks can seem. Thanks Roxie.

Tire Delivery Request

For existing customers

We’ll deliver tires to your tire shop or home.

  • Be certain your account is paid in full
  • Submit 1 form per set of tires
  • Provide 36 hour notice

Delivery Request for Existing Customers

Last Name:

First Name:

Date my service is planned for:

Appointment time:

We'll get your tires there ahead of time!

One Vehicle Year, Make, Model:


Deliver my tires to:

Address Or Cross Street:


Zip Code:

Special instructions?:

Send email confirmation to:

Yes! Pick-up my tires after my swapNo need to pick-up my tires after my swap

If we're picking up tires afterward, ask the shop to mark your name on your tires without bags for tirestorage.com to pick up soon. ...please 🙂


I'll contact tirestorage.com if plan changes affect them.

If your plans change, use our Contact Form or call (303) 463-8473 to help us avoid “dry runs”


Terms of Service

  By submitting your pick-up request or payment to Seasonal Tire Storage, Incorporated, you are agreeing to the following Terms of Service Agreement between SEASONAL TIRE STORAGE, INC., DBA TIRESTORAGE.COM & DELIVERY, A COLORADO CORPORATION: AND CUSTOMER:

 Section 1: SEASONAL TIRE STORAGE, INCORPORATED’S OBLIGATIONS. Seasonal Tire Storage, Incorporated will provide pickup, storage, and then delivery of Customer’s tires or what is presented as Customer’s tires by the Customer’s tire service provider within the Denver Metro marketplace in exchange for three or more months of advance payment of its monthly fee for each month in which storage is used including any portion of a month that storage is used. Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. will not prorate and refund portions of a month where storage is not used. Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. agrees to deliver Customer’s tires within thirty six (36)  hours of receiving a properly and successfully submitted online delivery request between the dates of April 20 and June 10 in the Spring; and October 25 and December 15 in the Fall. All other dates, Seasonal Tire Storage agrees to deliver Customer’s tires for an additional off-season fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00), within seventy two (72) hours after receiving a properly and successfully submitted online delivery request provided by Seasonal Tire Storage, Incorporated at www.tirestorage.com. If Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. damages or loses Customer’s tires and or wheels, Seasonal Tire Storage will repair or replace Customer’s tires and or wheels with like property equal to or greater than the value of Customer’s tires and or wheels at the time of the loss at its expense and at its discretion.

 Section 2: CUSTOMER’S OBLIGATIONS. Customer agrees to provide information needed to properly track their property such as name, email address, phone number, and the year, make, and model of the vehicle that the tires to be stored fit. Customer agrees to confirm that their tire service provider has clearly marked Customer’s tires with Customer’s name for pick-up by Seasonal Tire Storage Incorporated and firmly affixed any loose lug nuts or accessories. Seasonal Tire Storage does not track or store lug nuts and accessories that are not attached to Customer’s wheel tire assembly. Customer agrees to communicate with Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. when changes occur to their contact information or when delays in service cause a change in the requested pick-up date. If Customer’s swap is delayed and Customer doesn’t notify Seasonal Tire Storage and it causes Seasonal Tire Storage to make a wasted trip Seasonal Tire Storage may charge Customer $15.00. Customer agrees to pay Seasonal Tire Storage, Incorporated’s fees within ten days of their bill date and to have all fees paid in full prior to requesting delivery of Customer’s tires and or wheels. Delivery constitutes the conclusion of Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. responsibility. Subsequent Pick-up indicates continuation of agreement under the current Terms of Service. Failure to pay within 30 days communicates property abandonment and Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. may dispose of Customer’s property with no obligation to Customer. Customer agrees to request delivery and pick-up of tires by submitting an online order form provided by Seasonal Tire Storage, Incorporated.

 Section 3: Representations of the Parties. Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. makes no representation as to the condition of or usability of Customer’s tires and or wheels nor the value of and the cost effectiveness of tires being stored. It is our recommendation that Customer get a professional evaluation of their tires and their tire’s value prior to submitting them for storage. Customer agrees that if they submit tires for storage they have determined that those tires are valuable enough to them to warrant storage.

 Section 4: Additional Terms. Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. agrees to protect Customer’s privacy to the extent it can. Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. will not sell, rent, or give information regarding Customer except as needed to identify tires at the tire professional’s shop or to comply with law. Customer agrees to opt in as required to receive email invoices from Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. Customer agrees that comments made on the various pages of the Seasonal Tire Storage, Incorporated web site or in email communication become the property of Seasonal Tire Storage, Incorporated and may be used solely at its discretion.

 Section 5: Force Majeure. Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. shall not be obligated to deliver within its stated time schedule when events beyond its control occur such as floods, fires, traffic jams, or extreme weather. When such conditions end, Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc., shall reasonably resume its obligations.

 Section 6: Governing Law. Prior to litigating any dispute arising out of this agreement, Customer agrees to mediate and/ or arbitrate said dispute through the dispute resolution program offered by the BBB Serving Denver/Boulder (BBB). By agreeing to submit any dispute arising out of this agreement, Customer agrees that no dispute shall be submitted to arbitration prior to exhaustion of informal grievance procedures traditionally used by the BBB. Customer further understands that the arbitrator’s decision is legally binding on all parties involved in the dispute.

 Section 7: Amendments. The only way either Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. or Customer can change any terms of this agreement is if that change is both (a) in writing and (b) signed by both parties.

 Section 8: Assignment and Delegation. Neither party may assign or delegate unless the other party gives written consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld, before that assignment or delegation takes place.

 Section 9: Counterparts; Electronic Signatures. Modern electronic signatures and generally accepted electronic authentication protocol shall be considered adequate for the purposes of signatures.

 Section 10: Severability. If any part of this agreement is invalidated the rest of the agreement shall remain valid and unchanged

 Section 11: Notices. Official or Legal correspondence shall be delivered to Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. 700 N Colorado Blvd, Suite 133 Denver, CO 80206

 Section 12: Waiver. Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc. and Customer agree that rights can only be waived in writing signed by both parties.

 Section 13: Entire Agreement. Both parties agree that this agreement is the complete agreement and no other agreement shall affect this agreement.

 Section 14: Headings. The headings at the beginning of each section are provided to organize the document. These headings are not part of the substance of the agreement. Any interpretation of the clauses should not be based on the headings.

 Section 15: Effectiveness. This agreement becomes effective when the submit or request button is pressed to order service from Seasonal Tire Storage, Inc or to pay amounts due.