In a nutshell…  how does it work?

1. Order pick-up online and we’ll pick-up from wherever you like. Then we document, shelve, email your bill, and store your tires securely until further notice.

2. Next season: Order delivery online and we’ll deliver wherever you like the day before your appointment. We pick-up the day after your appointment, document, shelve, email your bill, and store your tires securely until further notice.

3. Repeat

Does Seasonal Tire Storage sell or install tires?

No. We’re tire pick-up, delivery, and proper storage logistics experts. We don’t compete with the experts who meet your tire sales and service needs.

What are the common dates for Seasonal Tire Swaps?

Mother’s Day in the Spring and November in the Fall (4-15 to 6-1) or (11-1 to 12-15)

Can I order the service from you?

Yes! Simply order service here  We pick-up tires anywhere in Denver Metro

How much advance notice do you need for pick-up?

None! We work with your tire store to lift tire burdens from you immediately

How much notice do you need for re-delivery?

One business days of advance notice in season and three days out of season

What happens if my tires are lost?

If we lose them, we replace them, guaranteed

What happens if my tires get damaged?

We repair or replace them at our expense

How much is the service?

Only $19.95 per month since 2010. We offer several ways to pay, and we offer multi-set discounts.

Which tire professionals do you work with?

Nearly all the tire pros work with us. If you ask them and they don’t know about us, be curious what else they don’t know about the tire industry.

Who is the lady in your logo?

She’s a lovely professional model and dear friend of our founder’s son. She did a great job illustrating how overwhelming tire tasks can seem. Thanks Roxie.